Course Summary

This 2 hour asynchronous online course increases students' understanding of the origins, rise and decline of blackface entertainment in America. In addition, this course helps students understand the role that blackface minstrel shows played in shaping and promoting racial and ethnic stereotypes in America.

Upon completion, students will automatically receive a certificate of completion that they can use for credit. 

Specific Topics

    1. Pre-Test

    2. Course Introduction

    3. An Introduction to Blackface Entertainment

    1. Early Origins of Blackface Performance

    2. Check Your Understanding

    3. National Origins of Blackface Entertainment

    4. Check Your Understanding II

    5. Watch a Tambo and Bones Routine

    6. Cultural Authenticity?

    7. Analyzing the Sheet Music

    8. Example Plantation Melody

    9. Cultural Appropriation

    10. The Irish American Influence

    11. End of Unit Survey

    1. Consider Stereotype Endorsement and Stereotype Threat

    2. Reclaiming African American Identity

    1. Family Friendly Entertainment?

    2. What The Audience Wanted

    3. Black Men In Blackface

    4. Minstrel shows were also performed by African Americans

    5. Black Minstrel Companies and Black Performers

    6. Check Your Understanding III

    7. Examples of Black Minstrel Performers Without Blackface

    8. Jim Crow

    9. Consider the following images

    10. Blackface Entertainment: From Stage to Screen

    11. Consider This Cartoon

    12. The Minstrel Line

    13. Check Your Understanding IV

    1. Digital Blackface

    2. It's Still Going On

    3. Post-Test

    4. Leave Student Feedback

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