Dr. Jason C. White

Dr. White is the playwright, co-actor and co-director of the multi-award nominated and NAACP award winning educational play, The Dance: The History of American Minstrelsy. He is is also the creator and instructor for this course. 

Dr. White created this course to assist high school teachers, college faculty, public administrators and community facilitators in addressing the resurgence of blackface performance on college campuses. Based on his research, he concluded that the best way to stop students from putting on blackface is to educate them about blackface. 

Prior to receiving his PhD in Arts Administration, Education and Policy from The Ohio State University, Dr. White earned both a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Arts Administration, and a Master in Education (M.Ed.) specializing in Assessment and Evaluation from the University of Akron. Additionally, he holds a BFA in Acting from The California Institute of the Arts. 

As an Arts Education Consultant, Dr. White is available to assist with the outcome evaluation of See The Dance. 

Contact us with questions at director@seethedance.org