Learning Goals

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • describe what blackface is
  • explain the difference between blackface performance and minstrel performance
  • explain why both white and black people performed in blackface minstrel shows
  • identify famous blackface minstrel show performers
  • examine blackface minstrel characters and the stereotypes they promote
  • consider the psycho-social effects of blackface entertainment on diverse social groups
  • discuss the role that blackface plays in the perpetuation of racial and ethnic stereotyping


Group Outcomes w/ Facilitator

  • increased intergroup contact
  • increased intergroup dialogue
  • increased intergroup awareness of racial and ethnic stereotypes
  • increased empathy for those who belong to negatively stereotyped groups


Organization-Wide Outcomes (when integrated into DEI education)

  • decreased risk of racial and ethnic stereotyping in the organization
  • decreased workload on bias incident response teams